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From the stage to the classroom, and into the hearts of millions online, discover the journey of Greg Kata — performer, educator, and the 'Accidental Influencer.' Dive into the essence of 'Find Your Joy', a movement born from authentic laughter and heartfelt moments.


"Don't Greg Me Started..."

  • Before he became the “Accidental Influencer,” Greg Kata was a young student studying drama at NYU. Two degrees and several decades later, he became a theater teacher in New Orleans. 
  • He started to dabble in content creation in 2020, making quirky day-in-the-life videos on TikTok, unaware that his content would delight and inspire millions of people.
  • His audience quickly fell in love with his relatable stories, his humorous storytelling, and his witty catchphrases known as “Gregisms,” often containing a pun on his own name.
  • Greg never expected his videos to reach a global audience, but now that it has, he’s more committed than ever to continue using his platform to spread positivity and promote self-care.


"If you want to eat a bag of Twizzlers and go watch Real Housewives, go do that. That is a way to self-care."

  • The purpose of Greg’s videos is not just to entertain, but to inspire people everywhere to “Find Your Joy.”
  • This famous Gregism started out as a simple piece of advice to his viewers, but has since transformed into a lifestyle brand.
  • By tuning into the present and simply observing the world around him, Greg teaches us that extraordinary joy can be found in ordinary moments.
  • It’s about appreciating the little things in life—like exploring a Hobby Lobby store for the first time, or recounting the uncanny things that kindergarten students say in the classroom.
  • Greg believes that “Joy is a journey,” and when you commit to the search, you might be surprised where you’ll find it.


"I get wonderful messages every day from people just saying they’re in a dark place and my videos make them happy, I can’t complain at all."

  • Among the greatest inspirations behind “Find Your Joy” are the ordinary people Greg encounters in his day-to-day life, including his theater students, his wacky neighbors “Brenda Kris” and “Peggy,” and his mother Gloria.
  • Perhaps equally inspiring to Greg are his many fans. The positive comments he receives on social media motivate him to continue creating, making one big joyous feedback loop.
  • But Greg’s positive impact is not limited to the virtual world. He has partnered with both local and national organizations like Covenant House and the American Cancer Society to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, homeless youths, and other marginalized groups.


"We’re taking five minutes a day that we’re checking in with ourselves and being the best versions of us that we can be."

With an incredible audience and a community that's been nothing short of amazing, your love for Greg and the brand shines through. We're thrilled and deeply grateful. Stay tuned as we're gearing up to bring you even more delightful surprises soon!